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Cyber Threat Monitoring for Small to Medium Businesses

Underground Economy Conference
September 4-7, 2023

Join us at the Underground Economy Conference

Free to attend…

Monday, September 4 through Thursday, September 7, 2023
Hosted by Team Cymru in Prague, Czech Republic

Past Underground Economy events have included topics such as:

Ransomware toolsets and negotiation

APT investigations

Crypto money laundering

Forensic network analysis techniques

New investigative tools

Sim swapping

Fast flux botnets

OPSEC investigative leads

Crypto mining malware

Profiles of shops and various OC groups

Cyber-security AI and machine learning

Supply chain risk management

Building labs and abuse handling systems

Open-source tool workshops

You must apply for admittance.

Admittance to the Underground Economy has always been restricted so apply now! Space is limited.


Would you like to present a case study? Submit your proposal here. 


As always, huge thanks to our sponsors who allow us to make this possible at NO COST to delegates.  If your organization is interested in sponsoring the upcoming conference, please email us at

Disclaimer: Only approved registrants may request a supporting VISA letter.

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