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Every Business is a Target for Nation-State Threat Actors

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Your most advanced adversaries

Nation-state cyber threat actors typically possess significant resources, advanced technical capabilities, and operate with the explicit backing of a nation-state, making them potent adversaries in the cyber realm.  The risk to lives and livelihood are both at stake at this most sharpest end of the spear where your organization sits.


Team Cymru has spent decades ensuring our Pure Signal data is the most comprehensive adversarial dataset available to meet the demands of elite analysts who create their own cyber threat intelligence.  As a private organization, when it comes to proactively tracking sophisticated nation-state adversaries, you are largely on your own.” David Monnier, Team Cymru Chief Evangelist


Team Cymru doesn’t discriminate or prioritize threat actors, each of them is given zero chance to hide from users of our Pure Signal platforms.  By equipping elite analysts with direct access to the world’s largest cyber threat intelligence data ocean, they can up their game, become your strategic home advantage and elevate your organization's ability to mitigate advanced persistent threats.

Change the game: who is monitoring who?

Sophisticated threat actors will spend time researching, probing, and undertaking reconnaissance on your networks and infrastructure.  Now it’s your turn.  Undermine their efforts by locking them as a target then monitor their tactics, techniques, and shifting infrastructure.


Team Cymru owns the mine many threat intelligence vendors use to find and polish data.  However, for organizations in the sights of nation-state threat actors, this type of curated intelligence is often time-delayed due to that process causing outdated situational awareness when fast reaction matters most. This is a critical component for successful mitigation.  Direct access, to allow immediate and tailored intelligence, is a game-changer." David Monnier, Team Cymru Chief Evangelist


Regardless of your adversary's tactics and techniques, they cannot hide from Pure Signal: the world’s largest data ocean of cyber threat intelligence.  Exclusively captured at source from across the internet, made accessible in uncurated form through an intuitive UI, elite analysts can track and trace your adversaries.  Make your own threat intelligence and gain the high ground on the cyber battlefield.

Anticipating & Responding to Attacks

Existing security technologies and curated threat intelligence will inform you have a problem after the fact and all too late.  That’s why elite analysts and threat hunters change the game from reactive defense, to proactive, using our Threat Platforms.  Locking onto threat actors as a target to monitor their tactics, techniques, and shifting infrastructure.


The benefits of proactive defense can be measured in raw dollar value, avoiding a breach or mitigating its effects are obviously going to be more cost-effective than the alternative of headlines, fines, and clean-up costs.  One of our customers saved over $4.5m on this alone, proving the value of equipping elite analysts with the right tools.” David Monnier, Team Cymru Chief Evangelist


Investment in human resources, skill levels, tools, and the right data pay significant dividends in the long term.  Having elite analysts fully empowered by Team Cymru’s Threat Platforms enables them to add value to a wide array of scenarios.  By tracking your threat actors, block lists can be automatically updated to avoid or mitigate their attacks, and with visibility beyond your borders, elite analysts can give insights to Incident Response in near real-time, dramatically flattening breach impact and clean-up costs.  

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The idea that good organizations can have the ability to conduct recon on the bad actors is only recently surfacing among the most risk-averse enterprises. However, it is threat hunting as it should be.

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