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Dragon News Bytes is a private and restricted mailing list that distributes Information Security news articles. These articles may come from newspapers, magazines, and other online resources, as well as from Team Cymru’s own research.
The opinions expressed in the posted news items do not necessarily reflect the views of Team Cymru. Further, the appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by Team Cymru of an external Web site, or any commercial company, information, products or services contained therein.


PLEASE NOTE: The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and any retransmission or dissemination is prohibited.

Email Distribution

We will endeavor to tag the subject line with [DNB] and at least one other tag to suggest the topic:

[APT] – Advanced Persistent Threat, Nation State hacks and malware
[ARREST] – News of arrests, court matters and sentencing for InfoSec criminals
[ATTACK] – Defacements and criminal ‘hacks’
[DDOS] – DDoS attacks or methods
[HACKTIVISM] – Anonymous, #OpAnything plus anything related to online protests
[INFRASTRUCTURE] – Attacks on critical infrastructure
[MALWARE] – Viruses, botnets and other stuff we know you love
[MOBILE] – Anything related to Android, iOS Security
[POLICY] – Anything related to InfoSec policies, guidance and procedures
[PRIVACY] – Related to anything that impacts your personal privacy, OPSEC, data breaches, and information disclosures
[RESEARCH] – Papers and other new analysis and insight
[TIPS] – Anything else we can’t categorize otherwise
[TOOLS] – Tools for hacking, tracking or fixing
[VULNS] – Anything related to vulnerabilities, patching, etc

If we ever post anything that might contain something you might not wish to see due to the nature of the material, we’ll do our best to identify it with ‘WARNING: POTENTIALLY SENSITIVE CONTENT.’ We can provide no guarantees however.

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