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Introducing Pure Signal™ Orbit

The future of attack surface management

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Free Attack Surface Assessment Report

Immediately discover your unknown assets, risks and vulnerabilities with a free risk report. Get a free t-shirt with your report!

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Future of Cyber Risk Podcast

Subscribe to our new podcast hosted by David Monnier. On this show, we’ll have conversations with experts in the public, private, commercial, and governmental sectors to learn what can be done to prepare for the future of cyber risk. Find us on Apple, Spotify, Google or your favorite podcast player.

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Are you ready to RISE?

Team Cymru is headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico February 8-9, 2023 for our Regional Internet Security Event.

Join security professionals in



Case Studies

Team Cymru Webinar Series The Future of Attack Surface

Discover how Attack Surface Management has evolved directly from the creator of the term

Watch this webinar and gain the following insights:

  • What are you missing by using an ASM v1.0 approach?

  • How to gain and sustain visibility of assets, technologies and vulnerabilities

  • Why implement and sustain capabilities to manage exposures and vulnerabilities

  • How to better leverage Threat Intelligence

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“We were able to see the infrastructure stood up before the phishing emails even went out.”

– Analyst Team Lead, Top 10 Financial Services Firm


System interactions scored every day.


Malware hashes and counting.


Data types all normalized and indexed.


Events processed every second.


C2s actively polled per month.


CSIRTs we help protect, representing approximately 52% of IPV4 and 75% of IPV6

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“Team Cymru pioneered this space. They are the go-to company for leading-edge security teams.”

– Analyst Team Lead, Top 10 Financial Services Firm

Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

Our global data sharing partnerships deliver the most comprehensive visibility into compromised IPs across the globe.

Many Cities Infected by a Cyber Threat
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“We have an extremely robust set of security tools, and nobody has the data Team Cymru has.”

– Security Analyst, Top 5 Retailer

Our Community Services include free cybersecurity tools, threat intelligence and more.

We also work with 142+ CSIRT teams around the world to help them protect their constituents.

Cyber Threat Monitoring System of Team Cymru
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