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Cyber Threat Monitoring Resources

Resource Library

Learn how to stay ahead of cyber threats…

Featured Resources

Risk Management in Cyber Security

Removing the Fog of War

Tackling 3 big challenges for Security Teams

Team Cymru ASM Buyers Guide

Attack Surface Management - A Buyers Guide

Gain knowledge on making the most informed decision to invest in Attack Surface Management

Understanding the Attack Surface Management and How It Helps Us in Future

The future of Attack Surface Management, by Brad LaPorte

Brad's eBook discusses the limitations of today's methods, explains why ASM 1.0 is sub-optimal for the real time and dynamic landscape beyond your network borders, and details how ASM 2.0 is an opportunity to transform your approach to digital business risks.

Case Studies

Achieving Financial Gain With A Proactive Security Posture Using Pure Signal Recon (Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study)

What Elite Threat Hunters See That Others Can't

How Financial Institutions Stay Ahead of Threat Management Using Pure Signal Recon

Commercial Product Briefs

Pure Signal™ Recon

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Zero Trust Augmentation with IP Reputation Feed

Pure Signal™ Recon Malware Module

Community Outreach No-Cost Tools and Services

Nimbus Threat Monitor

Community Outreach Webinars

UTRS 2.0 Demonstration 2022-January

Dragon’s Den Chat: Barry Greene (Trust Groups and COVID19)

Dragon’s Den Chat: Serge Droz (ProtonMail and FIRST)

Dragon's Den Chat: Ohad Zaidenberg (CTI League)

Learn How to Mitigate Cyber Threats - African Regional Webinar Demonstrating Our Community Tools


Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Infographic

Research Papers and Analysis

State of Attack Surface Management

Analysing Ransomware Negotiations with CONTI

Technology Resources

Network Security Templates

Videos and Webinars

The Future of Attack Surface Management with Brad LaPorte

Top 5 ASM Use Cases Every Security Team Must Embrace Now

A Novel Approach: How Fortune 100 Companies have Turned the Tables on Threat Actors

Forrester Total Economic Impact™️ of Pure Signal™️ Recon - Webinar

Nimbus Threat Monitor

How Elite Analyst Teams are Transforming Security with Threat Reconnaissance (Webinar)


The 4 Major Safety Checks Needed to Launch Your ASM Program into Orbit

The Future of Attack Surface Management

Top 5 ASM Use Cases Every Security Team Must Embrace Now

Services communautaires gratuits et démonstration de Nimbus Threat Monitor (Français)

BwCsirt and Team Cymru Present Community Tools

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