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Enhancing Cybersecurity with IP-to-ASN Mapping Service

CSIRT Assistance Program

Helping CSIRTS worldwide
protect their countries.

Free Threat Intel for Non-Commercial National and Regional CSIRT Teams.

As part of Team Cymru’s mission to save and improve lives, we work with national and regional CSIRT teams globally by sharing our world-class threat intelligence. We provide this unique Pure Signal™ intelligence at no cost to you. We want to help secure the Internet, and we want to keep you informed of what we see in your region.

All regional and national CSIRT teams are eligible.

We want to work with all CSIRTs around in the world, especially newly formed CSIRTs who can often see immediate benefit from our CSIRT Asistance Program (CAP).

What cyber threat intelligence is included?

We provide intelligence on a variety of categories, including the following:

  • Bots

  • Brute-force

  • Controllers

  • Darknet

  • Honeypot

  • Open Resolvers

  • Phishing

  • Proxies

  • Scanners

  • Spam

These categories do change over time as threats are dynamic. We adapt our intelligence to meet the needs of a changing threat landscape. More details of all of these categories are provided along with our threat intelligence data for participants in our CAP program.

Are there limitations on this program?

Yes, we do have some limitations on this program. We require a short Memorandum of Understanding to be signed that outlines all the limitations in detail.

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