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Red Dragon Technology
Alliance Program

Solve the Toughest
Security Challenges Together.

Join the Red Dragon strategic technology alliance program and gain access to Pure Signal™, the world's largest threat Intelligence data ocean, and grow together through strategic sales and marketing initiatives.

Program Overview:

The Red Dragon Alliance Program is designed to bring together complementary cybersecurity vendors to create meaningful, customer-driven integrations and collaborate on a joint go-to-market to help SOC and Security teams stay one step ahead of the toughest adversaries and nation-state actors. 

Through a unified approach, we can to build a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem that safeguards critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and digital assets worldwide.

Why Partner with us?

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Access to Pure Signal™: The World's Largest Threat Intel Data Ocean

Gain access to over 1.3B daily events and 40 different threat intelligence data sources, normalized and indexed for easy ingestion.

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Provide enterprise clients, leading law enforcement, and government agencies comprehensive visibility into global cyber threats to enhance security, not complexity.

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Enhance Cybersecurity investment ROI

Our integrations maximize customers' security effectiveness, help realize a meaningful return on security investments and enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Benefits

The Red Dragon Program: The Details

Becoming a member of the Red Dragon Alliance Program is a commitment to advancing cybersecurity excellence. Interested partners can apply through our website, where they will undergo a selection process to ensure alignment with our mission and values.

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How it works


SIGN UP to become a technology partner and join the Red Dragon Alliance program


Empower customers with a bi-lateral integration:

Option 1 - We Scale Together: Work with our technical team to jointly build an integration

Option 2 - Self-Service: Leverage the Red Dragon open API to build your own, “self-service” integration.


Engage in joint GTM activities

Work with our alliance team and Join forces with our global sales and marketing team to execute:

  • Workshops and Webinars

  • Customer meetings

  • Joint events

  • Account mapping and expansion

Program Focus Areas

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Become a Partner

When you join the Team Cymru Partner Program, you join a trusted ecosystem of market leading cybersecurity vendors who offer a wide range of customized solutions and integrations to amplify the power of the Pure Signal™ Platform.

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