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Supply Chain Risks

External Threat Hunting Empowers Proactive Supply Chain Security

Understand how threat reconnaissance (external threat hunting) and monitoring the attack surface of your supply chain partners are critical capabilities. The organization demands minimizing supply chain risks but also needs frictionless business processes to operate efficiently.


Checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets are the minimum effort involved. When you move beyond that stage, you need to develop new capabilities within your threat intelligence group to assure the business of partner or M&A acquisition security practices. It is no easy task and should not be left filling out spreadsheets.

Drive Collaborative Security Strategies with External Threat Hunting

The usual compliance efforts do not solve business situations that require threat-hunting capabilities. Being essential to the business means you must highlight what matters now, notify your partners, and work together to stop a compromise from gaining traction.


That is why proactive monitoring of the external attack surface of your critical systems and the partners that access sensitive customer information has become so important. 


"We were able to flesh out third-party infrastructure, monitor it for signs that they might have been compromised, and in many cases, we knew they'd been compromised before our partners knew." Threat Intelligence Manager, UK Retail Bank


When you can work with partners and collaborate on the threat intelligence that matters the most, you can get ahead of attacks. Our threat and risk platforms empower analysts to track and trace malicious communications to their source. 

Supply Chain Security Pays off in Reduced Business Risk

Companies are refocusing their threat-hunting efforts on the external threat landscape. It is no longer a matter of discovering assets and new applications being spun up. Security leaders employ threat reconnaissance tactics to know when adversaries target their supply chain. With visibility into malicious communications, our customers often notify their partners of a compromise before they know about it.


“We saw a major increase in ransomware hitting our third parties. If they are compromised in any way, shape, or form, our IR and legal teams become actively involved. They make sure that no data related to us is leaked, that [the third party's] network is secure, and that [the third party] won't be used as a pivot to get into our networks. There's a time-consuming process that comes with a compromise of our third parties."  Lead security analyst, Fortune 10 Retail Organization


Securing supply chain access requires external threat-hunting capabilities and the right risk and threat platforms that give analysts visibility of adversary communications and infrastructure. Being essential to the business means improving the visibility of supply chain risks. Be the strongest link in the chain and manage what matters most. Again, not easy to do, but Team Cymru is here to help.

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