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Threat Intelligence: A CISO ROI Guide - Focus on Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Stop the Budget Drain and Strain of Old Threat Data you Don’t Use

In our first post, we talked about how cyber threat intelligence can help you save tangible dollars and reduce corporate risk of a data breach by using Threat Reconnaissance to prevent attacks.

Let’s talk about when having too much of a good thing can weigh down your budget and hold a threat hunting team back.

Too many tools are the curse of many cybersecurity organizations. These tools can come from previous administrations, are typically only partially implemented and then rendered unusable, perhaps they come from a simple case of ‘we’ve always done it like this’. Or maybe it is vendor curated intelligence that may or may not be applicable to what you care about at the moment. When threat intelligence isn’t the right fit, it becomes another drain on the budget as well as taking up analyst time as they decide if the information is relevant.

“Recon has allowed us to pay more attention to the [bad] actors instead of reading reports about [them]. It has allowed us to create our own intelligence, monitor our stuff better,

and react to things much faster.” Lead security analyst

Threat Intelligence Tool x Training x Integration x Complexity = Cost

This enterprise security team supports a Fortune 10 retail organization, and by identifying where data was duplicated, they were able to save $1.7M over three years, sunsetting 3 out of their 15 threat intelligence sources. By activating their subscription to Pure Signal Recon, for the first time, they were enabled to:

  • Work with real time data outside of their network perimeter

  • Gain actionable insights faster due to fewer tools and complexity

  • Uncover critical threat actor information specific to their organization

Pure Signal Recon provided them the visibility, data, and vital knowledge about threat actor infrastructure to preemptively stop attacks and shut down malicious communications. What was the pay off?

  • Created of custom playbooks using a combination of Recon, their internal security data, and Recon-sourced data

  • Reduced the budget by $1.78M by unsubscribing to two cyber-intelligence solutions and reports the first year and an additional solution starting the second year

  • Decreased reliance on lower value vendor-created intelligence reports and data because they could respond based on the real-time raw intelligence from Pure Signal Recon

CISO Tools:

Learn more about how you can get started on the path towards reducing data breaches and utilizing real-time threat intelligence, request a free copy of the full financial analysis of Threat Reconnaissance here.

Engage your analysts directly with our Security Architects and expert practitioners via our Sales Team, starting here.


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