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External Attack Surface Management - Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Attacks

Pure Signal™ Recon

Threat hunting beyond your perimeter

Threat hunting reimagined...

Pure Signal™ threat intelligence you won’t get anywhere else.

What if you could get to the origin of a threat, map malicious actor infrastructure and block it, then monitor and protect yourself against them indefinitely?

Pure Signal Recon allows security teams to monitor and investigate external threat actor activity with a level of clarity similar to what they would expect from their internal network telemetry. Extend cyber threat hunting beyond your perimeter.

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“We were able to see the infrastructure stood up before the phishing emails even went out.”

– Analyst Team Lead, Top 10 Financial Services Firm

Uncovering Phishing Threats in Cyberspace

Not just threat intelligence...

Learn how analyst teams gain an edge with on-demand access to global Internet traffic telemetry.

From closing gaps in visibility to achieving a more proactive security posture, the following whitepaper illustrates how any organization can benefit from on-demand access to Pure Signal ™.

Read this case study to learn how banks are…

  • proactively mapping APT infrastructures and watching them evolve in near-real time.

  • blocking phishing emails before they’re sent.

  • extracting more value from their other threat intelligence sources.

  • enforcing supply chain security.

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“[Recon] gives me the ability to pull a thread and chase it wherever it might go.”

– David Maynor, Security Analyst

Discover the strategic value of tracking cyber threats beyond your perimeter.

Conducting Threat Reconnaissance for Proactive Defense

Conduct No-Boundaries Threat Reconnaissance

Monitor cyber threats beyond your perimeter and block new malicious infrastructure as it appears.

Strengthening Threat Detection for Stronger Cybersecurity

Close Threat Detection Gaps

Detect cyber threats other tools miss, and determine the intent of scanning activity to defend against impending cyber attacks.

Conducting Threat Reconnaissance for Proactive Defense

Optimize Incident Response

Accelerate alert prioritization, root cause analysis, compromise assessment, and ensure comprehensive remediation.

Visualizing Your Attack Surface for Better Security

Map Your Attack Surface

By viewing your enterprise from a threat actor perspective, you can easily map your attack surface, including shadow IT , cloud and third-party vendors.

Enforcing Supply Chain Security for Comprehensive Protection

Enforce Supply Chain Security

Control third-party risk. Monitor supply chain infrastructures and reduce dwell time by knowing when your partners are compromised before they do.

Unveiling the Culprit by Conducting Cyber Investigation and Attribution

Accelerate Investigation and Attribution

Get to the origin of a threat, map malicious actor infrastructure and block it, then monitor and protect yourself against them indefinitely

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“Instead of waiting on our vendors to tell us they have a problem, we’re now able to tell them when they have a problem.”

– Security Analyst, Top 10 Retail Company

Find, map, monitor, and block cyber threats before they even get to your doorstep.

  • Get to the origin of a threat, map malicious actor infrastructure and block it, then monitor and protect yourself against them indefinitely.

  • Robust searching and filtering across the broadest collection of global telemetry.

  • Correlate IP addresses with malware insights extracted from 10+ years of attack observance and malware analysis.

  • Batch and schedule queries.

  • No Hardware. No software. Instant on.

  • API integration.

  • Export to CSV, XML, XLSX or JSON.

Uncovering Cybersecurity Threats through Advanced Analysis
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