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Total Economic Impact of Pure Signal Recon

​Total Economic Impact™ of Pure Signal™ Recon

How to Achieve Tangible Financial Gains and a Proactive Security Posture

For most threat analysts and incident response teams, their biggest obstacle is visibility that abruptly ends at the firewall. Their threat hunting is reactive and restricted to looking within their network for threats other tools have missed.

However, many companies aspire to achieve a more mature security program that better leverages their analyst teams. Those companies that achieve the next level of maturity are employing external threat hunting to get ahead of threats, enrich the SOC, and optimize incident response. Team Cymru commissioned Forrester Consulting to quantify the financial impact of this advanced approach using Team Cymru’s Pure Signal Recon solution. 1

Learn the positive financial impact Pure Signal Recon makes on…

  • Block attacks before they’re launched.

  • Detect supply chain threats.

  • Reduce M&A cyber risk.

  • Improve gains from existing budgets.

  • Reduce operational drain from phishing attacks.

1 Forrester Consulting. The Total Economic Impact™️ of Team Cymru Recon. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Team Cymru. May 2021

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