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Team Cymru Unveils Pure Signal Scout: The Fastest Tool on the Market for Global Threat Infrastructure Analysis

Lake Mary, Florida

June 15, 2023

Team Cymru, a global leader in external threat intelligence and digital risk management solutions, today announced the launch of Pure Signal™ Scout, the world's fastest tool for external threat hunting and malicious infrastructure analysis. As a first-to-market innovation, Scout is designed to address the growing need for real-time visibility of threat actors' own infrastructure and to overcome the traditionally high maturity barrier of entry for sophisticated threat intelligence tools. 

Historically, top-tier threat-hunting tools that leverage external threat telemetry were only within the exclusive grasp of elite analysts in Fortune 50 organizations, which prevented many organizations from leveraging the threat data they needed to transform from reactive to proactive defense. Scout's democratization of ease of use brings critical capabilities within reach of a broader spectrum of organizations and stakeholders.

Josh Picolet, Team Leader of Team Cymru's S2 Threat Research team, explains the capabilities Scout provides his team: "Threat actors constantly modify their infrastructure and tactics, which can render some threat intelligence outdated. Recognizing and tracking threat actor behaviors is crucial to anticipate future campaigns. Focused on speed and efficiency, Scout allows us to ask questions and get answers within seconds - we are now achieving in one working day what used to take several." 

Scout's significance is underscored by an analysis of the MITRE ATT&CK model, which informs roughly 35% of the model pertaining to attacker activities occurring outside the network. Without tools like Scout, organizations are effectively blind to this external activity, which encompasses vital stages of cyber attacks, from reconnaissance to command and control operations. Scout enables analysts of all experience levels to see these previously unseen activities, arming organizations with the insights necessary to identify and counteract otherwise overlooked threats.

David Monnier, Team Cymru's CIO and Chief Evangelist, shares, "Scout is more than just a new tool—it's a paradigm shift that will enable organizations with a previously unattainable approach to threat intelligence. It equips cybersecurity professionals with the means to gain immediate insights into external malicious activities, enabling a proactive rather than a reactive strategy. With this level of control, we are making significant strides in ensuring a safer digital world."

Scout shifts this dynamic by offering four key distinctive capabilities:

  • Unmatched Visibility: With direct access to Team Cymru's Pure Signal, the world's largest threat intelligence data ocean, Scout enables analysts of all experience levels to gain visibility of cyber adversary infrastructure and network activity before, during, and after a cyber attack.

  • Simplified, User-Friendly Experience: Scout simplifies the threat-hunting process with an intuitive interface and API integration, enabling analysts to speed up research and investigation processes. 

  • Cloud-Based Convenience for Speed: As a cloud-based platform, Scout eliminates the need to deploy multiple data services and solutions, saving users time by eliminating the need to create custom scripts to amalgamate disparate threat feeds and data sources.

  • Broad Integration Possibilities: Scout's API integration allows for diverse use cases, accelerating and enhancing threat actor tracking, incident response, and breach signal monitoring. 

"Pure Signal Scout saves our S2 Threat Research Team hours every day, enabling more time for productive hunts and critical tasks. This time-saving advantage leads to better outcomes for our team and our clients," said Picolet. 

38% of security analysts cited a lack of proper tools as their biggest obstacle to effective threat hunting, according to Team Cymru's Voice of a Threat Hunter report. With its profound visibility and integration capabilities, Scout serves as a powerful tool, facilitating informed decision-making in asset protection and countermeasure deployment. 

To learn more about Pure Signal Scout, visit:

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