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External Attack Surface Management - Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Attacks

Pure Signal™ Orbit

The future of Attack Surface Management

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Pure Signal™ Orbit is the world's most comprehensive Digital Risk Management platform

A unique combination: Attack Surface Management + Vulnerabilities Management + Threat Intelligence

Discover: unmatched visibility of external assets and risks

Unburden your team from static reports and spreadsheets. Experience continuous discovery of new and unseen IT assets with visibility at the scale of the internet.

Automate & Consolidate: technology and resources to reduce wasted time, money and effort

Replace cumbersome, inefficient methods that slow processes and burden your team

Prioritize: focus on the highest threats, affecting the most business-critical assets

In a world first, attack surface management is enriched with both vulnerabilities and threats. Elevate above the noise, achieve a business first approach to tackling digital risk challenges as a business first approach.

Protect and Defend: Use knowledge of third-party compromise and at-risk assets to build your defenses

No asset is beyond your scope, gain a critical advantage to knowing your third-party risk in real time from high stakes M&A to Supply Chain visibility

Pure Signal Orbit Case Study

See how one progress CISO turned attack surface management into a business enabler. By using Pure Signal Orbit, they were able to boost their customer confidence, predict where risk may occur to proactively manage it, and automated tasks to allow their team to be more agile. ASM has evolved to deliver tangible business value, read how this CISO adopted it to their advantage.

The only Attack Surface Management solution that adds value to both IT & the business

Top 4 use cases that differentiate Pure Signal Orbit

M&A Monitoring and Alerting

EASM equips organizations with a real time risk rating for target merger and acquisitions.

Don’t acquire your next breach.

Risk Reporting

IT talks technical, business speaks finance, both understand metrics.


Orbit solves language barriers using graphical reports and dashboards.

Third Party Risks and Threats

Remain one step ahead of costly indirect attacks by monitoring third parties for risks

Avoid the financial impact from weak links in the security chain.

Compliance Management

Orbit enables Marketing, GRC and IT to function harmoniously

Minimize financial impact of sensitive customer data and online services being exposed

"I'm amazed at how Pure Signal Orbit is consistently able to discover on average 50%+ MORE assets than any other ASM solution in the market today. With some clients seeing up to 500%. This showcases the true power that ASM v2.0 brings to the Table!"

 -Brad LaPorte, Gartner Veteran

Immediately discover your unknown assets, risks and vulnerabilities with a free risk report.

Get a free t-shirt with your report!

Security teams in all organizations struggle to stay ahead of cybercriminals and their daily assaults on company infrastructures. Small- to mid-market organizations have it particularly tough.


Introducing the Team Cymru ASM Guide for Small Security Teams, written specifically for those taking their first steps outside their organization, and into the realm of external assets, vulnerabilities, threats & risks.

External Attack Surface Monitoring for Small Security Team
Comprehensive Digital Risk Management for Businesses

This guide discusses the areas that should be of concern to all security officers responsible for selecting an ASM. Each topic addressed is accompanied by a list of questions you need to ask when buying an ASM to protect your organization. We also will suggest ways in which those budget considerations can be realistically brought into the vendor-review process.

You’ve reviewed your options, found an attack surface management platform that meets your needs, got budgetary approval, and purchased it. Now you’re eager to get your ASM installed and running. Effective cybersecurity efforts are a combination of people, processes, and technology. This guide discusses how adopting a new platform or any other major change should go in that order – address the people issues, then the process considerations, and finally, the technical matters.

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 1.34.33 PM.png

The 4 Major Safety Checks Needed to Launch Your ASM Program into Orbit

In this ebook, we’ll look at why the first generation of attack surface management tools are no longer adequate, why an ASM 2.0 approach is needed, and what functionality that new tool should offer. The world of cybersecurity has changed radically in the past decade, what were considered future threats are impacting now. It’s time that security teams are equipped for it.

Top 5 ASM Use Cases Every Security Team Must Embrace NOW

The attack surfaces of most organizations continue to expand due to the frantic rush to digital transformation. While all of these changes are almost unavoidable from revenue-generation and operational perspectives, they cause major challenges for security teams. Our Solutions Brief covers the top five use cases that your ASM tool should help you take on.

Attack Surface Management for Small Security Teams Webinar Series

ASM isn't just for the big guys. Smaller Teams can also protect their organizations from attack. In our newest webinar series, learn all about Attack Surface Management for small security teams, specifically for those taking their first steps outside their organization, and into the realm of external assets, vulnerabilities, threats & risks. This three-part webinar series will teach you about the Benefits of ASM for Smaller Than Enterprise Organizations, The ASM Buying Guide, and How to Integrate & Use ASM.

Digital Risk Management Tool for Cyber Security Team and Continuous Monitoring

“With Orbit we gain visibility of external IT assets that we didn't have previously. We can now automate processes that were previously manual, enabling our team to focus on business driven outcomes”

– Analyst Team Lead, Top 10 Financial Services Firm

Pure Signal™ Orbit & Pure Signal™ Recon

Attack Surface Management 2.0 & Threat Reconnaissance: threat hunting and digital risk management redefined

Attack Surface Management and Threat Reconnaissance Services Provided by Team Cymru

The Future of Attack Surface Management with Brad LaPorte

Discover how Attack Surface Management has evolved directly from the creator of the term

Watch this webinar and gain the following insights:

  • What are you missing by using an ASM v1.0 approach?

  • How to gain and sustain visibility of assets, technologies and vulnerabilities

  • Why implement and sustain capabilities to manage exposures and vulnerabilities

  • How to better leverage Threat Intelligence

The Future of Attack Surface Management and How It Can Protects You from Being Attack
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