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Free IP Address Lookup

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Immediate Insight Into Threats

Quickly respond to alerts in a single pane of glass
with real-time IP intelligence

Immediate Results

Understand every IP: Friend or Foe?

Simple to Use

Search any IP - No Training Required


Graphical Results (No scripting!)

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How it works

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2. Run Query / Search

Query multiple or ranges of IP addresses and domains to view a communication timeline.  Explore commonalities between IPs, identify compromised hosts, or reveal

other indications of an attack.

1. Input the IP Address or Domain

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3. Get Lightning Fast Results!

Quickly respond to alerts and assess risk with actionable insights

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4. Enrich Splunk Queries and Investigations
with Scout Insight

Leverage the Scout Insight Splunk App to empower your Splunk implementation
with IP and domain intelligence


  • Enrich data with IP and domain intelligence

  • Accelerate investigations

  • Respond to events, alerts, and incidents faster

  • Leverage all of your data in one place


Loved by SOC Analysts!

Liberate your SOC and CTI teams
with the power of Scout Insight

Fast IP insights

Gain immediate context across IPs tagged as Malicious, Suspicious, Device & Infrastructure with thousands of subtags to accelerate incident response.

Consolidate Context Vendors

Bring together Passive DNS, Reverse DNS, and most Observed Domains in one pane of glass.

Ingest data using a variety of integrations

API for SIEM/SOAR integration to automate workflows.

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What are you waiting for?

Gain unmatched visibility of threats at game changing speeds

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