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Be the Strongest Link in the Chain and Manage What Matters Most

Continuous monitoring of compromise across the Supply Chain


Our Threat and Risk platforms help you illuminate compromised supply chain partners, and are the game changer for organizations seeking to reduce the operational risk from third parties.


We were able to flesh out third-party infrastructure, monitor it for signs that they might have been compromised, and in many cases, we knew that they'd been compromised before our partners knew.” Threat Intelligence Manager, UK Retail Bank

Without continuous exposure management across company assets and third party infrastructures, organizations are left wide open to the risks and threats from the weakest link in the chain.

Raise the cost of attack for persistent and repeat attackers


Criminals and threat actors will probe for weak links across your systems and supply chain partners to exploit them. They will repeat attacks until they have exploited every unpatched vulnerability and explored every way to gain access to critical systems that provide access to customer information.  


We found great utility in being able to preemptively stop an attack with visibility into changes that threat actors were making to their infrastructure in an effort to attack us again.” Threat Intelligence Manager, UK Retail Bank


Our Threat and Risk Platforms provide continuous and autonomous discovery of third party assets and vulnerabilities. Analysts are enabled to create automated queries that provide near real time insights - the key advantage when facing down fast moving adversaries and evolving third party infrastructure.

React faster and anticipate attacks


You know your internal infrastructures and networks, but threat actors have visibility of your external facing assets. It’s time to even the score, and Pure Signal ensures you see the threat actors’ infrastructure better than they can see yours.  When you gain the same level of visibility of attacker’s own assets and infrastructure, you can start to create proactive security strategies so analyst react faster and can start to anticipate attacks.


Recon has allowed us to pay more attention to the [bad] actors instead of reading reports about [them]. It has allowed us to create our own intelligence, monitor our stuff better, and react to things much faster.” Lead security analyst, Leading retail organization


Faster discovery, incident response and recovery are mission critical. Every minute of impact or distraction results  in lost dollars and productivity.  Team Cymru Threat and Risk platforms elevate every cyber security team to flatten time to discover, respond and solve the most challenging cyber threats you face. 

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Get the visibility you need by gaining the attacker's perspective on your assets and infrastructure.
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