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External Attack Surface Management - Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Attacks

Pure Signal™ Scout

The next generation of cyber threat intelligence platform has arrived

Scout Free Trial

The world's fastest cyber threat hunting tool that uniquely provides access into Pure Signal™, the world’s largest Threat Intelligence data ocean

Gain unmatched visibility of threat infrastructure...
at game changing speeds

Supercharge your SOC Team to proactively defend against your most sophisticated adversaries

Save analysts precious time

Fast responses help reach conclusions about IoCs or IPs of interest quickly

Faster triage for Incident Response

Empower the whole team with curated insights within a single dashboard

Enhance your analysis and automation platforms

Merge results with other platforms to gain more context and value from them

Build integrations that add value to more stakeholders

Achieve limitless potential across multiple role-based use cases

Liberate your cyber threat intelligence team with the power of Pure Signal Scout

Unleash the full potential of cyber threat intelligence.
Expand use cases and increase value across more platforms, practitioners and stakeholders.

Level up your SOC

Gain unmatched visibility of threat actor infrastructure in real-time to create your own threat intelligence

Save budget and consolidate multiple threat feeds

All the insights you need, fused into one place, with no need for custom scripting

Speed up incident response

A single complex query can allow analysts to hunt more comprehensively with fast response times

Optimize your defenses

Gain actionable intelligence and context to dynamically update your network defenses

"Pure Signal Scout greatly improves our productivity and helps us focus on what matters: discovering threats and creating actionable intelligence that drives preventative measures."

 -Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Global Utilities Provider 

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The Fastest Tool Available for Threat Insights

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