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External Attack Surface Management - Continuous Monitoring for Cyber Attacks

Pure Signal™ Scout

The next generation of cyber threat intelligence platform has arrived

Transform your ability to proactively defeat cyber threats


Gain unmatched visibility of threats at game changing speeds

“Scout enables my SOC team to be more effective, agile and efficient.  It’s completely transformed how we hunt for threats, gain attribution and share actionable intelligence internally.  We’re now more valuable to the organization than ever before.”

 -SOC Team Lead, Fortune 100 Organization 

Streamline Incident Response

Consolidate tools and reduce alert fatigue for SOC analysts and investigate suspicious IPs In real time to drastically reduce false positives. Senior analysts can make informed assessments, and IR teams receive real-time intelligence for defense updates.

Accelerate Triage

Get the facts quickly and trace potential threats to external sources. Get your sights on threat actor infrastructure to determine the source and extent of attack, uncover compromised victims and disrupt in-progress targeted attacks.

Create Actionable Threat Intelligence

Keep up with evolving threat actor infrastructure and attack campaign changes. Support updating of defense policies to proactively mitigate targeted attacks.

Automate Security Workflows

Leverage integrations to optimize and enhance detection capabilities of SIEM, XDR, and SOAR tools, enabling faster incident response.

What is Scout Ultimate?

Scout Ultimate is a web-based threat intelligence tool for security analysts of all experience levels.


With a simple GUI, graphical displays, tagged results, and easy to use searches, it helps quickly determine if suspicious IPs are malicious or compromised.

It is the place to start investigations for single IPs, domains, or entire CIDR ranges related to malicious activity.

How it works

Simple 2-step process to determine if a single, multiple, or a range of IPs are malicious.

  • Select a date range

  • Input the IP address or domain(s) in the search bar.

Scout search bar.png
Query/ Search

Query multiple or ranges of IP addresses and domains to view a communication timeline.  Explore commonalities between IPs, identify compromised hosts, or reveal other indications of an attack.

Scout query search.png

Easily toggle between five dataset tabs to learn about NetFlow communications and Whois information, PDNS, X509 certificates, and fingerprinting data are also provided.

Scout datasets2.png

Liberate your cyber threat intelligence team with the power of Pure Signal Scout

Unleash the full potential of cyber threat intelligence.
Expand use cases and increase value across more platforms, practitioners and stakeholders.

Level up your SOC

Gain unmatched visibility of threat actor infrastructure in real-time to create your own threat intelligence

Save budget and consolidate multiple threat feeds

All the insights you need, fused into one place, with no need for custom scripting

Speed up incident response

A single complex query can allow analysts to hunt more comprehensively with fast response times

Optimize your defenses

Gain actionable intelligence and context to dynamically update your network defenses

"Pure Signal Scout greatly improves our productivity and helps us focus on what matters: discovering threats and creating actionable intelligence that drives preventative measures."

 -Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Global Utilities Provider 


Tags enrich the data, enabling analysts to immediately gain context

They provide more information in a single pain and reduce expense and complexity

The advantages of Tags are:

  • Faster insights through improved efficiency with less ‘UI hopping’/analysis/research

  • Reduced complexity and lower costs by having fewer integrations

  • Improved speed at which critical decisions can be made

Tags will feature within four main categories:

  • Infrastructure:

    • CDN, Cloud, etc (Future, Top_site).

  • Malicious:

    • Bot, Controller, Malware

  • Suspicious:

    • Scanner, OST, Bogon, Openresolver

  • Device:

    • NAS, Router, VPN, Proxy

Scout Tag Example - Stitched (2560 x 1250 px).png
Scout Product Guide Graphic.png

The Fastest Tool Available for Threat Insights

Day in the life of a Security Analyst Using Scout Ultimate

As a Security Analyst, I've been using Scout Ultimate for a year now, and it has been a game changer to streamlining workflows and responding faster. Whenever you need to respond to an incident or further investigate a situation,  use Scout to gather the necessary data quickly. While analyzing Internet flows, there are many potential sources of noise, but Scout helps you identify which nodes belong on the network by querying batches of IP addresses and the services they use. With Scout tags, you can easily sort thousands of IPs and eliminate the ones that are scanners and other sources of noise. You get instant results, and then when you need further context,  you can pivot within the same interface to Pure Signal Recon to get high-fidelity information to investigate further and defend against targeted attacks.

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