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Peer Reviews - Why Peer Reviews Matter

Updated: Mar 18

Where to find Pure Signal product reviews and share views anonymously


In this blog, we’ll cover why reviews of our products are important during your journey of discovery about each one.  We’ll also cover how peer reviews are two-way, enabling you to make better decisions and informing us how to improve our products.

And since we’re all in Cyber Security, we’ll show you how to post your reviews anonymously.

Reviews matter to you and us

Making decisions about which Cyber Threat Intelligence provider or Attack Surface Management platform in today’s market is challenging for a buyer.  To make this journey as easy as possible for you, we want to be fully transparent and put you in front of our product reviews - the voice of our customers is important to us, and it is to you.

As with any critical business decision, understanding the value solutions can bring to your organization is paramount. This is where the power of peer product reviews becomes invaluable to you.

Reviews are equally important for us, feedback from peer reviews helps us to continuously refine and enhance our products, ensuring that once onboarded as a customer, your collective voices enable us to address emerging challenges and user needs. This cycle of improvement is crucial for maintaining our high levels of customer satisfaction, and enabling our users to stay ahead.

Gain Trust from Credible Users

The cybersecurity market is crowded with solutions promising unparalleled protection and insight. Peer reviews cut through the marketing noise, offering transparent and credible insights from users who have experienced Team Cymru's products first-hand. These testimonials provide you with confidence each product has been proven effective in real-world scenarios.

Making Better Informed Decisions

When it comes to your organization's digital health, choosing the right solution is a significant decision that impacts multiple stakeholders. Peer reviews of Team Cymru's offerings give a rounded view of the products, from their usability and integration capabilities to their effectiveness in identifying risks and mitigating threats. This helps you focus on your specific security needs and objectives and ensure they will be met.

Where to read our product reviews

Please note, each of these links below will take you to a third-party website.

How to start a review.

Both G2 and Gartner make the process very easy and have some mechanisms to ensure reviews are fair and from trusted and validated sources.

For each you will need the following:

  • A public LinkedIn profile that is up-to-date

  • A business email account with your current employer


  • An existing G2 or Gartner account

Each provider will ask a variety of questions that are specific to you, your role, organization, and experience as part of the validation process and terms.  Expect reviews to take around 10 to 15 minutes, so definitely have your Top 5 playlist ready or your favorite Cyber Security podcast in the background!

Once you have access, G2 and Gartner provide a search function to find Team Cymru’s products.  Simply type ‘Team Cymru’, or, the full product name, such as ‘Pure Signal Recon’, and you will locate the product you wish to leave a review for immediately.

For G2: you can start the review process here:

For Gartner Peer Insights: you can start the review process here:

How to post your review Anonymously


According to the G2 website here, the option to leave an anonymous review is very straightforward.

After completing the survey, there is a question that will ask, "Allow my review to show my name and face in the G2 community?"

To ensure your review is anonymized on the G2 website, select ‘No’, and your review will be displayed as below:

If you wish to return and make an existing review anonymous, simply visit the G2 website here

Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner automatically makes their reviews anonymous; more can be read here.

They specify the following:


Demographic data about the reviewer and their company, such as job title, role, industry, and company size


Reviewer's actual name or company name to prevent personal identification.

Community Opinions Matter

We thank you for taking the time to consider leaving a review or researching what your peers think about the value and user experience of our products.

Our team of experts is here to answer any further questions about reviews or our products.

For existing customers, our team is available via email here:

For new customers, please engage our Sales team directly here.


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