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Announcing: A Free Attack Surface Assessment Report

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Get Valuable Insights about Your Attack Surface, Detect Vulnerabilities

… And get a free t-shirt!

Your Attack Surface could provide attackers with an “open door” to your entire organization. Are you aware of the risks?

The risks your organization faces from your attack surface are significant, and very hard to understand. Forgotten assets, 3rd party dependencies, shadow IT, and devices vulnerable to threats are all part of your attack surface. What you don’t know about your attack surface could lead to your next breach!

Using Team Cymru’s Pure Signal, our unmatched internet visibility gives you the ability to immediately discover and quantify your risks - you’ll even get a t-shirt to say you’ve been there and done it.

Why is discovering external assets so challenging?

  • Discovery is hard: attempting to discover external assets is time consuming, expensive, and often inaccurate, if not continually out of date.

  • Tracking and managing assets: Many security teams try to manage their assets in a spreadsheet, this is time-consuming, error-prone, and will never keep up with the pace of rapid changes to IT infrastructure.

  • Accuracy and currency: Most organizations External Attack Surface is dynamic, evolving, expanding, and in many cases, sprawling.

Many organizations will admit they know what they don’t know: what their external assets are and who owns them internally. We can now fill this critical information gap. Here is your chance to get some free insight into what you are missing.

Vulnerability scanning: An Effective Means to Managing Your Attack Surface?

  • Not designed for ASM: Using vulnerability scanning tools is not practical or cost effective on a daily basis. The shifting asset landscape results in security gaps that outpace asset scanning.

  • Alert fatigue continues to plague security teams, impacting the entire SOC. Knowing which vulnerabilities to prioritize over others, regardless of the CVE rating, is a challenge.

  • Prioritization: How can you tell not just who owns what, but just how important is it really? Getting a clear picture of combined business impact and vulnerability severity is significant to prioritization.

Take The first step toward clarity, visibility, and reducing external asset related risks

With our free Attack Surface Assessment Report, submit a domain you own - and we’ll do the rest.


  • You’ll become aware of how many IP addresses and other assets are discoverable

  • If there are potential vulnerabilities associated with them

  • Get a clear number of third-party dependencies

  • Discover any malicious threats impacting assets you own

Expert Advice: Armed with your report, you’ll have the option to discuss the results with our highly-experienced security practitioners, who can answer any questions and discuss how you can address and reduce risks.


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