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Special Episode: Now Introducing Pure Signal Scout with Team Cymru's Josh Picolet and Wassim Tawbi

Show Notes

In this week's special episode of the Future of Cyber Risk podcast, David speaks to Team Cymu's Josh Picolet, Director of S2 Threat Analysis Unit, and Wassim Tawbi, Head of Product Management, about their new product, Pure Signal Scout. They discuss the customer needs that Scout was created to meet, the collaboration behind how the product was developed, and the elements of Scout's design and interface. They also talk about the benefits Pure Signal Scout offers in terms of speed, ease of use, and access to rich data that can help make threat hunting more targeted and effective — and makes threat hunting more accessible for teams who may not have had access to advanced capabilities before.

Topics discussed:

  • The origins of Pure Signal Scout and the customer pain points around ease of use, speed, and efficacy that lead to its creation.

  • How Pure Signal Scout's design and interface enables security teams to visualize threat intelligence more easily.

  • The different ways in which Team Cymru collaborate to create Pure Signal Scout, from development and early testing, to how marketing positions the product, to support for the product after launch.

  • How Pure Signal Scout was built to be user friendly by being faster, more flexible, and more initiative for threat hunters.

  • The possibilities that Pure Signal Scout offers to security teams, including building an internal systems of alerting using Scout's API.

  • How Pure Signal Scout differentiates from other threat intelligence platforms on the market, especially in terms of the quality of the data offered.

  • The impact that Pure Signal Scout will make out, giving security teams the increased ability to proactively watch and block threats, and improve their security posture.

Quotes from Episode


"The main driver for the product was to help our customers leverage the power of our data and Pure Signal, regardless of the skill set and expertise for their users and without having to spend additional money in hiring more resources." - Wassim (4:14)


"It took a lot of time to get that base layer, but it makes me more excited to see what people are going to do with it that we haven't even thought of. We've just enabled it through building the right data model." - Josh (11:00)


"What we tried to do was make it flexible enough that it could be applied to many types of environments and also then make it intuitive enough that it's something they've seen before." - Josh (17:50)


"If you look at the type of capabilities that Scout offers, this was only accessible and understandable by the elite. Now with Scout, we made it actually simple and easy to understand for everyone. So it's available to broader cybersecurity teams, to a broader set of users." - Wassim (31:26)

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