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Repeat Attackers

Stop Relentless Attackers with External Visibillity Beyond the Perimeter

Opportunistic hackers are one thing, but relentless adversaries who continually attack your systems, retool, and come after you again, require a different approach to defense.

Focus on your External Attack Surface

Are you looking for ways to get ahead of these bad actors? Do you need a proactive cyber defense strategy but need help to know where to start?


“Recon allows us to see external traffic, and that is the big missing link to any threat investigation.“

Threat Intelligence Manager, UK Retail Bank


It starts with the discovery of your external attack surface. What matters the most are the assets and applications that are internet-facing. Not just your infrastructure but the third-party services your customers rely on. This first level of visibility into your external attack surface is an essential foundation you need to build a proactive defense.

Create Visibility into Bad Actors and their Attack Infrastructure

Getting ahead of bad actors that decided to target you requires visibility into threat actor infrastructure and how they generate new attacks. But how do you create visibility beyond your perimeter?


“The Threat Intelligence Team was able to take a small piece of information and pivot around different datasets to find additional infrastructure that an attacker might use.”  Threat Intelligence Manager, UK retail bank


The visibility needed is only partly accomplished by dark web monitoring or DNS solutions that only tell half the story. Threat actor attribution helps, but things change. When external threat hunters can connect the dots by viewing threat actor infrastructure, they can see their intentions and preemptively defend against another attack.

Be an Unprofitable Target for Attack

External threat hunting pays off when you become too costly to attack. Collaborative security measures best thwart an attack campaign and drain any profit for the bad actor. Why? When you can identify other victims, you can contribute to the broader defense against threat actors, making it difficult for them to achieve profit.


“We notified 350 organizations that they were compromised or at risk of being compromised.

We are not only doing a good deed, but we feel that the only way to stop this behavior is to make it so [threat actors] aren’t profitable. And we believe that it is possible utilizing Recon.” Lead security analyst, F10 Retail Organization


External threat hunting and visibility into threat actor infrastructure enable you to extend your threat hunting capabilities to benefit the broader good. It is a great payoff when it also makes it harder for threat actors to succeed.

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