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2021 Study: The State of Threat Hunting and the Role of the Analyst

Over 1,700 IT and IT security professionals across North America, Latin America, the UK and Europe responded to a Ponemon Institute study, commissioned by Team Cymru.

The results indicate that practitioners are working towards building more mature analyst teams and threat hunting capabilities, yet leadership lacks a firm understanding of the role these components should play in the overall security strategy.


The study tracks the level of importance placed on security analysts, as well as the maturity and efficacy of threat hunting.


Responses indicate that approaches are still largely reactionary, while analysts and threat hunting are viewed as tactical elements, as opposed to strategic catalysts for security optimization.


  •  Only 35% of respondents believe their organizations value and effectively leverage the expertise of their analyst teams.

  •  50% of incidents resulting in significant disruption were repeat attacks by the same threat actor.

  •  70% find it very difficult to gain an attacker’s perspective on their organization.

  •  61% say threat intelligence can’t keep up with changes in how threat actors attack their organizations.


Find out how cyber security leaders should adjust to address the gaps exposed in this report. Read the report, then let Team Cymru help you elevate your threat hunters to elite status.

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