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The Council of Europe's Alexander Seger on Building Cybercrime Capacity Around the Globe

Show Notes

In this week's episode of the Future of Cyber Risk podcast, David speaks to Alexander Seger, Head of Cybercrime Division at the Council of Europe. They discuss how the Council of Europe is building capacity worldwide around cybercrime awareness, legislation, and enforcement, and how they're doing that through increased training. They also talk about new provisions making cybercrime prosecution easier, the nuances of the Budapest Convention, and advice learned from a career in cybercrime.

Topics discussed:

  • How the Council of Europe is building capacity around cybercrime awareness, laws, and training across the globe.

  • What Alexander's month looks like, including consulting in various countries, organizing conferences, and implementing the Budapest Convention.

  • The actions the Council of Europe takes to train experts and provide them opportunities to learn from each other.

  • How new provisions, like video conferencing for expert witnesses, are making cybercrime prosecution easier.

  • The implications of the Russian Federation's treaty adjustment requests around governmental control of cyber spaces.

  • The challenges of prosecuting hate speech and fake news online across various global jurisdictions.

  • Three lessons learned from a career combating cybercrime.

Quotes from Episode


"Capacity building for us means, to start with, we assist countries in improving their criminal law, to review their draft laws, if they have laws already, to improve them. And here we use the Budapest Convention as a sort of the reference standard. So we have the criminalized illegal access, data system interference, and that sort of thing." (3:24-3:56)


"When it comes to cybercrime and this type of topic, cooperate at all levels. Cooperate. Don't stay at home. Cooperate with whoever you can. Domestically, globally, across topics, across stakeholders, across organizations." (35:59)

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