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Inside the Mind of a Modern CISO with Brad LaPorte, Former Gartner Analyst

Show Notes

Brad LaPorte has spent time in US Cyber Intelligence, large technology companies like IBM, research firm Gartner where he coined the term “Attack Surface Management” during his tenure, and today is a partner at High Tide Advisors, a firm specializing in go-to-market consulting.

In this first episode, Brad shares the top challenges he’s hearing from the CISOs he talks to every day, how to navigate industry consolidation, and his top three pieces of tactical advice to implement today.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Brad’s background and how he transitioned from the front lines of military intelligence to an analyst role to an advisor

  • Top challenges he’s hearing from CISOs

  • His perspective on attack surface management

  • Brad’s favorite Simpsons quote and how it relates to security

  • The 5 levels of security maturity, where we are now, and what Brad thinks the future holds

  • The main drivers pushing cybersecurity forward and the evolution of threat actors

  • The tools and technologies he’s paying attention to and the #1 thing that is on every CISOs mind

  • How consolidation is shaping the future and what security companies must do to stay competitive

  • Garnter’s #1 priority for 2022 and how this will evolve

  • 3 pieces of advice for how to succeed in the future of cyber risk

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