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Charles Nwatu of Netflix: Why He's Focused on Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Cyber Risk Management

Show Notes

In this episode, David Monnier is joined by Charles Nwatu, Engineering Manager, Corporate Security & Security, Technology Assurance & Risk at Netflix. In his role at Netflix, Charles is focused on turning risk into something actionable for the business.

Topics discussed:

  • How Charles has seen the cyber risk landscape change over his long career.

  • He offers his perspective on some of the industry's new tools and technologies and which ones he is excited about for the future.

  • How and why security enables the business.

  • The necessary skills for practitioners to keep up with the pace of change in today's business world.

  • Charles shares his views on what the future of cyber risk management might look like.

  • David’s advice to succeed in cyber risk, focused on understanding what’s around you, what you have to protect, why it’s critical to demand assurance and then celebrate the wins in the wins.

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