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Adapting Risk Management to Today's Tech Changes

Show Notes

In this episode, David speaks to Bronwyn Boyle, who has over 20 years of experience as a director, head of security, and CISO working in technology and security in financial services and supporting a range of organizations.

During the episode, they discuss how risk management needs to evolve with today's tech changes, the advantages and challenges of AI, and advice for security leaders — and women who want to get involved in the industry.

Topics discussed:

  • The evolution of Bronwyn's career in cybersecurity, from starting as a software developer, to working with RegTech and FinTech startups, to becoming CISO at a SaaS cloud banking platform.

  • How risk management has evolved and how it needs to keep up with the velocity of technological changes happening every day.

  • What it means to be at the tipping point of adoption for new services and approaches to cybersecurity, like AI.

  • What most CISOs get wrong, and why success can be found in more collaboration and a better understanding of the business context for cybersecurity.

  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning will open up a number of opportunities for cybersecurity, like improving analytics and reducing alerts — but will also open up opportunities for adversaries as well.

  • Advice for women who want to grow their career in cybersecurity and tech, and the need for good role models and sponsors.

  • Three pieces of advice for security leaders, and the need to work together to prepare for the future shifts in security.

Quotes from Episode


"I think we are in very interesting times at the moment. And addressing the kind of velocity of technology change has also driven that mandate and that need to have robust cyber risk practices that can look at these radical and very exponential changes in our digital lives and in the technology that we're using, both personally, both in the work environment, and also in the services that we create and that we consume." (4:36)


"I suppose my number one piece of advice [for women in cybersecurity] would be to go for it, really. I was very lucky that I had great sponsorship and I had great role models, really amazing female leadership, female leaders, female CISOs who I was able to look up to, who really supported me and who really encouraged me to step out of the comfort zone and kind of put my hat in the ring. I may not have done it at all, and I certainly wouldn't have done it when I did this if I hadn't had that encouragement.” (29:51)


"Just keep collaborating. Cybersecurity is a team sport, right? And it's one that impacts all of us collectively, individually, and in our corporations, and in our day to day lives. And the more we can be collaborative — the more we can work internally with our stakeholder groups and really understand where they're coming from and their challenges, and also very clearly articulate and communicate what we need — the better we stand." (33:50)

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