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Digital Risk Landscape Ebook

Financial institutions face escalating cyber risks due to their extensive digital presence and collaborations. This research analyzes the vulnerabilities of five global banks, aiming to understand online risks, assess third-party vulnerabilities, and propose mitigation strategies.

In this Ebook you'll learn:

  • How many and what kind of online risks these banks face with their own digital assets, as well as with third-party assets.

  • What are the current third-party risks across the most utilized platforms.

  • How much banks and financial institutions rely on other companies (like

    cloud services) and the risks that come with that.

  • What regulations and laws are there to help banks stay safe, and how they affect business operations.

  • What banks can do to avoid or minimize these risks.

The report marks the first in a series of in-depth risk landscape analyses that Team Cymru is set to develop across various industries, including healthcare, airlines, and retail. These reports are developed using data from Pure Signal Orbit™, Team Cymru’s attack surface management platform, the world’s largest data ocean of threat intelligence and digital assets information. Assets were scanned for one week, ensuring the most complete picture of asset information and vulnerabilities could be achieved. The starting point for the five research candidates used their Top Level Domain (e.g.,, and extended outwards to their entire attackable surface, including third parties. To qualify as a candidate, each financial institution had to be within the top five annual revenues for their specific geographic region. No names have been used to ensure anonymity.

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