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Enhancing SOC security: Introducing Pure Signal™ Scout Insight

User-friendly threat intelligence tool for IP and domain analysis

If you are a SOC Analyst or Team Manager and are used to alert fatigue and being frustrated by false positives, this blog touches on how these challenges could be over soon.

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are vital for safeguarding organizations against cyber threats. However, the complexity and volume of threat intelligence data and events can overwhelm SOC users, particularly those with less experience. To address this challenge, we have launched Pure Signal™ Scout Insight, a cutting-edge threat intelligence tool designed to deliver immediate, actionable insights. The same technology and data used by government agencies and the world’s largest commercial organizations are now available to security analysts of all levels.

Pure Signal Scout has been designed to overcome typical SOC Analyst challenges, such as:

  • Achieving fast decisions without having to traverse several dashboards

  • Having to understand context when faced with complex scenarios

  • Being overwhelmed by the experience needed to prioritize and work through events with speed and accuracy

Recognizing these challenges faced by many security analysts, we developed Scout Insight to bring the power of Pure Signal to a wider audience. This includes not only SOC teams of all levels but opens up opportunities for Managed Security Service providers (MSSPs) serving organizations without dedicated SOC personnel.

What do Scout Insight users love about the tool?

Accuracy: By leveraging Team Cymru’s Pure Signal, Scout Insight offers a simplified yet robust summary of the most pertinent data related to IPs and domains, empowering SOC users to assess threats confidently.

Enrichment: By featuring Tags and Insights in the summarized results, the tool provides security analysts with a concise overview. For example, it will indicate whether an IP or a domain is associated with a threat actor, considered malicious, or flagged as suspicious.

Here’s how simple the tool is:

Ease of use: The intuitive interface shown above of Scout Insight enables users to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to enhance their organization’s security posture.

Boost SOC team value: Managers are always looking to get more out of their teams through efficiency: Scout Insight allows a team to do more, with fewer resources.

By presenting threat data in an accessible format and providing contextual information, SOC analysts can deepen their understanding of cyber threats without the need for extensive training. They can also create summary reports directly from within the tool for internal sharing and escalation.

Additionally, Scout Insight acts as a stepping stone, helping team members transition to more sophisticated threat intelligence tools, such as Team Cymru’s Pure Signal Scout Ultimate and Pure Signal Recon, as they gain expertise in the field.

Integrations: Scout Insight seamlessly integrates into existing SOC tools and workflows through a comprehensive API and pre-built SOC tool apps such as Splunk.

Why is Scout Insight different?

The key strength of Scout Insight lies in its user-friendly design and rapid response capabilities, using the same Pure Signal as our flagship platforms. This means simplified access to over 300bn IP communications, every day - no other threat intelligence data source comes close.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t be anxious. By distilling complex threat data into digestible insights, SOC users can identify potential threats at a glance and respond promptly.

Whether it’s identifying known malicious IPs or suspicious activities, Scout Insight equips SOC teams with the knowledge and agility needed to mitigate risks effectively and strengthen cybersecurity defenses.

Embracing innovative tools like Scout Insight is essential to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and protect critical assets. Strengthen your SOC capabilities today with our intuitive threat intelligence tool, Scout Insight, to elevate your organization’s cybersecurity resilience.

Wassim Tawbi

Chief Product Officer


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Guy Park
Guy Park
a day ago

As someone familiar with the frustrations of alert fatigue and false positives, I'm intrigued by the capabilities of Pure Signal™ Scout Insight. The emphasis on simplicity and rapid response, coupled with the power of Pure Signal data, seems like a winning combination for SOC teams. I appreciate how Scout Insight not only provides actionable insights but also serves as a stepping stone for analysts to grow their expertise. geometry dash


I appreciate the focus on both user-friendliness and actionable insights. Scout Insight seems to address both aspects by simplifying complex Buckshot Roulette data and providing contextual information.


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the complexity and volume of threat intelligence data and events can overwhelm SOC users, particularly those with less experience. eggy car

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