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Thank you for your request. We will confirm your request and will send an e-mail from with a subject line containing your ticket number: [TC-UTRS #xxxxxxx] New UTRS Peering Request.

If you don’t see such contact from us over the next 48 hours, excluding weekends, please send a note to

More No-Cost Offerings You Don’t Want to Miss…


Nimbus Threat Monitor

Near-Real-Time Threat Detection

Nimbus Threat Monitor works by correlating your network flows with our world-class IP Reputation threat intelligence. When you share your network traffic metadata with us, we pool it with data from thousands of networks worldwide and mine it to identify cyber threat activity. In turn, we give you near-real-time threat detection at no cost to you.


Malware Hash Registry

Malware Validation Force Multiplier

Malware Hash Registry (MHR) is for researchers, threat hunters, incident responders and security architects. MHR aggregates the results of over 30 antivirus tools, as well as our own malware analysis, in order to improve your ability to validate malware, optimize secure gateways and more.


CSIRT Assistance Program

Free Threat Intel for Non-Commercial National and Regional CSIRT Teams.

As part of Team Cymru’s mission to save and improve lives, we work with national and regional CSIRT teams globally by sharing our world-class threat intelligence. We provide this unique Pure Signal™ intelligence at no cost to you. We want to help secure the Internet, and we want to keep you informed of what we see in your region.


And more…

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