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UPDATE: Here is the video for our SOHO Pharming Update of March 11, 2014. This update discusses the results of our SOHO Pharming Whitepaper release as well as further developments on that topic.

Below, find the first of the original series of four (five with the bonus eye-candy video) discussing our SOHO Pharming Whitepaper publication.

If you've navigated to this site from an external source and are seeking the download of the SOHO Pharming Whitepaper, please scroll down on this page. Thanks for watching and feel free to share with your colleagues and friends!

Products mentioned in the SOHO Pharming Whitepaper:

Enterprise Intelligence Service
The Team Cymru Enterprise Intelligence Service (EIS) is our premier partnership offering. When organizations are confronted with the most insidious threats, the most baffling of incidents, or strategic cyber security questions, the EIS stands ready to assist. Bringing our full resources to bear on your urgent and difficult problems ensures an enumerative analysis and answers on which to base your next steps. The Enterprise Intelligence Service is designed to augment and enhance other existing Cyber Intelligence Services that an organization may already be using.

See more at: http://www.team-cymru.com/Services/EIS/
Threat Intelligence
Internet threat intelligence can be a challenge to understand. As a security professional or product manager it's critical that you have the right insight to help with the problem you're looking to solve. Be it command and control data related to DDoS or botnets for your service or application, IP address reputation data for your e-commerce services, or fresh malware data for your research team, Team Cymru has what you're looking for.

See more at: http://www.team-cymru.com/Services/Intel/

Because you're interested in the SOHO Pharming Whitepaper, you may be interested in these offerings:

Malware Hawk
Team Cymru's legendary malware insight is now available as a cloud-based portal and API: a database of relationships and sandbox technologies that does in seconds what it used to take days or weeks to achieve. Malware Hawk is the latest addition to our Hawk suite of tools to save you time and help you focus on what's really important.
  • Access to our entire database of relationships of over 52 million samples (samples are linked by a number of key factors from domain, IP address contacted through mutex names, and even the icon used)
  • Ability to submit samples to two different Sandboxes for analysis and reporting using up to 400 different combinations of OS and applications
  • Ability to submit samples for rapid scanning by major AV engines
  • API support for enterprise automation

See more at: http://www.team-cymru.com/Services/MalwareHawk/
Team Cymru's #totalhash provides static and dynamic analysis of Malware samples. The data available on the site is free for non-commercial use. If you have samples that you would like analyzed you may upload them to our anonymous FTP server.

We believe in empowering you, the user, with the extremely fast and relevant data you need on relevant malware found in the wild. #totalhash returns the matches you are looking for instantly. By pushing the intelligence into the web client, we can help you quickly find what you are looking for. Access to the data on this site (including commercial usage) is also available through our API!

See more at: http://totalhash.com/
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Executive Briefing Service
Botnet Analysis and Reporting Service
Insight Hawk
Malware Hawk
Controller Feed
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DDoS Victim Feed
Malicious URL Feed
Malware Binaries
Other Malware Data
Data Sharing Options (Non-Commercial)
Botnet Analysis and Tactical Tool for Law Enforcement (law-enforcement only)
BIN Feed of Compromised Accounts (financial-institutions only)
TC Console (malicious activity on your network)
CSIRT Assistance Program (national and regional CSIRTs only)
Dragon News Bytes
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Download the Team Cymru SOHO Pharming Whitepaper:

Click the images above to download our SOHO Pharming Whitepaper (left) and our SOHO Pharming Update (right). The five-page update discusses the results of our SOHO Pharming Whitepaper release as well as further developments on that topic and the SOHO Pharming Whitepaper is our original publication containing many of the details that the update discusses.

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For any media inquiries, please contact press@cymru.com.

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