As a Security Professional or Product Manager it’s critical that you have the right insight to help with the problem you’re looking to solve.

Be it command and control data related to DDoS or botnets for your service or application, IP address reputation data for your e-commerce services, or fresh malware data for your research team, we have data to suit your needs.



Our reputation data provides rich categorical reputation information based on IP addresses. If you need to know if anIP address is a known compromised device, an infected bot, or even the source of spam, this feed is ideal.

Updated hourly, the data includes an event timestamp along with supporting detail for a number of categories of reputation affecting activities. Using our global network of sinkholes, Darknets, and sensors, We deliver unparalleled reputation data for your service or product. This data can be found in the Reputation Feed as well as the premium BARS Feed.

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We track thousands of controllers (C&Cs) every day. This dataset includes the IP address, domain and URL information, and the associated malware hash or hashes responsible for infection, updated hourly.

All of this information as well as first and last seen timestamps are provided in an easily interpreted XML format. Controller data can be found in the Controller Feed as well as the premium BARS Feed.

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We have a number of available feeds related to malware. Consisting of tens of thousands of samples daily, our malware data is available as binaries, hashes, malicious URL sources, or Anti-Virus signature tags.

Whether you’re looking to defend an enterprise from malicious attachments, or bolster the data in your A/V product, we have the malware information you need.

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We track thousands of botnets every day - many of which can serve as an attack platform. We track the location of the botnet controller and decode the attack commands, resulting in detailed attack information.

Knowing that you or your customers are being attacked, or being unwittingly used to launch an attack, is time sensitive and critical information. Knowing exactly which controller is responsible and when it began is priceless.

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