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Roundtable Episode: Tom Cross & Lewis Heuermann Go Inside the Mind of a Threat Hunter

Show Notes

Lewis Heuermann, Lead Associate of Cyber Risk Management at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Tom Cross, Independent Security Consultant, speak with David about the complexities threat hunters and their organizations face when dealing with cyber risk management and how to cultivate a holistic cybersecurity ecosystem for sustainable business success.

In this episode, the conversation focuses on striking a balance between proactive risk management and maintaining day-to-day cybersecurity operations. They emphasize the importance of effective communication and collaboration between different departments within an organization to better understand and address potential cybersecurity threats.

Topics discussed:

  • The difficulties faced by cybersecurity professionals in persuading leadership to invest more in cybersecurity and the importance of presenting real-world context to demonstrate the potential risks.

  • The challenge of maintaining a balance between proactive cyber risk management and daily operations, ensuring that organizations can effectively manage both aspects.

  • The role of the CISO in aligning cybersecurity efforts with overall business objectives to ensure a more effective risk management strategy.

  • The million-dollar question: How to convince leadership to invest in cybersecurity.

  • The need for collaboration between departments like marketing, finance, and IT to foster a more comprehensive understanding of the business landscape and potential cybersecurity threats.

  • How to move from a ticket taker/problem solver mindset to one that embraces innovation and strategic thinking in cybersecurity.

  • How to involve senior leaders, such as the CFO and CIO, in cybersecurity discussions to ensure a more holistic approach to risk management.

  • Understanding the business perspective and aligning cybersecurity strategy with it is crucial for effective risk management and overall organizational success.


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