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Navigating Compliance Audits with Brian Honan, founder of BH Consulting

Show Notes

In this episode, we speak with Brian Honan, founder and CEO of BH Consulting which he started nearly 20 years ago to provide companies with business knowledge, technical expertise and insight into how to maximize the potential of their business and their company's revenues using the IT solutions that are available.

He is also the founder of Irish Reporting And Information Security Service, Ireland's first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) that provides a range of services and information to better protect information systems in Ireland and make the Irish internet space a safer environment for all.

Brian is a recognized expert in the field of Information Security and has provided advice to government departments, companies of varying sizes, the European Commission and has had numerous articles published. Brian is also on the editor board for the SANS Institute’s NewsBites electronic newsletter.

Topics discussed:

  • Brian’s experience helping organizations getting certified by regulatory bodies like ISO 2701

  • The importance of certification, what to look out for, and how certification helps with risk

  • What Brian paints as a good audit, how to know if you’ve received a good audit, and why trust is critical sourcing an auditor

  • Questions people can ask to help vet audit organizations

  • The craziest findings (or lack thereof) Brian has seen in a compliance audit

  • Vendor management and how you manage risk with third parties

  • Brian’s advice to succeed in certification in the future

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