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Threat Intelligence & Security Feeds

Reputation Feed

Need to know if an IP address is a known compromised device, an infected bot, or even the source of spam? This feed is ideal.

Controller Data Feed

We track thousands of controllers (C&Cs) every day. This dataset includes the IP address, domain and URL information, and the associated malware hash or hashes responsible for infection, updated hourly.

Considering purchasing Reputation and Controlled feed together? Try our Botnet Analysis and Reporting Service (BARS).

Malware Data Feed

Bolster the data in your anti-virus product with our malware data feeds, consisting of tens of thousands of samples daily, our malware data is available as binaries, hashes, malicious URL sources, or Anti-Virus signature tags.

Denial of Service Attack Data Feed

Want to know if your customers are being attacked, or being unwittingly used to launch an attack? This feed will tell you that, as well as which controller is responsible and when it began.

Passive DNS Feed

Our feeds tell you what a name resolves to, from various viewpoints in the world. It also tells you when a domain was moved from one address to another.

Operating System Identification

For market research or security, this lets you know what operating system the users who visit your site are using. Both OS Fingerprint and User-Agent String data are available

DDoS Victim Feed

Know the details of every DDoS attack our system monitors worldwide.

Our Botnet Analysis & Reporting Service (BARS) provides in-depth analysis, tracking, and history of malware families that utilize unique control protocols and possibly encryption mechanisms. If your organization is considering Controller and Reputation feeds, this combined tool will provide you all the same information, with premium features included.

Augment your security analyst needs completely to us, or hire us as your tier three. This premium service only available to select partners is ideal for organizations who want to focus on their products and customers, not on day-to- day analysis

Not sure what kind of security solutions work best for your organization? Let our experts help you decide how to best secure yourself and your customers, as well as present our findings to your c-level team. Starting at $15,000 per on-site visit