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VIDAR Webinar

Darth Vidar: The Aesir Strikes Back

Join us on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 12:00 PM EST.

At the beginning of this year, we released a detailed publication on Vidar infrastructure, encompassing both the primary administrative aspects, and the underlying backend. In that publication, we highlighted three key insights: Russian VPN gateways had the potential to confer anonymity to Vidar operators and customers, thereby rendering it more arduous for analysts to attain a comprehensive understanding of the threat. These gateways were observed to be transitioning towards Tor. There were indications of Vidar operators expanding their infrastructure, necessitating continued vigilance from analysts. We anticipated an influx of new customers and consequently a surge in campaigns in the forthcoming weeks. The analysis revealed that Vidar operators had segregated their infrastructure into two distinct components: one dedicated to regular customers and the other specifically catering to the management team, as well as potentially serving premium or high-priority users. As a refresher, Vidar is an info-stealer malware, which was first spotted in the wild in late 2018 by the security researcher Fumik0. Upon initial inspection, the identified sample appeared to be Arkei (another info-stealer), however, differences in both the sample’s code and C2 communications were observed. The name itself (Vidar) is derived from a string found in the malware’s code, alluding to the Norse god Víðarr. Vidar is considered to be a distinct fork of the Arkei malware family.

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