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Anatomy of a Supply Chain Attack: How to Accelerate Incident Response and Threat Hunting

In recent months, we’ve seen a sharp rise in software supply chain attacks that infect legitimate applications to distribute malware to users. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you understand the impact, take the right actions faster and even proactively mitigate risk. In a recent webinar, “Uncovering a Supply Chain Attack: Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Incident Response and Threat Hunting,” Team Cymru and ThreatQuotient experts, joined forces to educate security analysts on how to leverage our integrated solutions to accelerate understanding and proactively mitigate risk when attacks happen.

See how…

  • The timeline of events unfolded

  • You can close the threat detection gap

  • You are able to uncover additional day-one indicators using Pure Signal™ Recon Internet Traffic Telemetry

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