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In this on-demand webinar, we’ll look at three practical challenges that seriously impede an organization’s security strategy. In the State of Threat Hunting and the Role of the Analyst Survey, 66% of 1778 respondents said they lacked visibility into their own network and 56% said they lacked visibility across their supply chains.

Lack of visibility, the existence of legitimate business processes that cannot be blocked, and the fact that large organizations are plagued with alerting noise present challenges that can only be overcome by looking at your enterprise and third-party ecosystem from the perspective of the cyber attacker.

Join David Monnier, Team Cymru Fellow and Head of Infrastructure and Services, as he illustrates the operational and financial outcomes associated with making external threat hunting a strategic priority. He'll walk through a Cobalt Strike C2 mapping exercise as an example of what elite teams at many organizations are doing today.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to...

  • Block phishing attacks

  • Identify impending attacks against themselves and third parties

  • Detect compromises within supply chain enterprises

  • Improve alert validation and prioritization

  • Optimize incident response from root cause analysis to remediation

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