Level Up

Our team of specialized experts adds a new, on-demand tier to your information security or incident response team, and provides crucial skills and experience to augment existing IT departments.

Unparalleled Insight

Receive timely, penetrating analysis of your most complex investigations and incidents, understanding the "how" and "why" behind security incidents.


Our team of former military and law enforcement professionals, linguists, and investigators have over 50 years of combined experience in investigating cyber crime incidents and advanced persistent threats.

Global Scope

Team Cymru’s global view of network data movement ensures our analysts not only see what affects your networks, but your partners’ and sector as well.

How does EIS work?

EIS helps clients prioritize threats, focus on real risks, and improve the value of existing security measures

Identify and attribute malicious activity, and receive industry-level context for who else "got hit."

Advanced malware and network traffic analysis, coupled with our proprietary data and expertise.

Attribution of Denial of Service attack techniques and patterns to develop mitigation plans and identify controllers.

Advice on network architecture security, and the identification and protection of core assets.

Separate fact from hype. Team Cymru’s EIS service helps clients understand potential network intrusion and data lost risks.

Ready for truly unique analysis?