Augury - the data analyst's portal


Global insight spanning 50+ data types


On-demand or scheduled queries


RESTful API to batch and schedule queries


Export results to .csv, .xml, .json, or .xlsx


What is Augury?

The name comes from the word Augur : Someone who observes the world and provides interpretations and proposed actions.

Team Cymru's Augury is a data analyst's portal, providing an intuitive query tool for direct access to 50+ different categories of insight including passive DNS, network traffic, and observed attacks.

This is the same tool that our own analysts have developed for their attributive investigations, including selective filtering and post processing. It also allows API access to batch and schedule searches, with email notification. Typical use cases are network defense, cyber threat intelligence, digital forensics, and cyber analytics.

Augury provides access to our unparalleled insight, spanning data categories such as:

  • Internet Traffic Intelligence
  • Botnet and Controller Intelligence
  • Malware Intelligence
  • Miscreant Communications
  • DNS/SMTP/Web Intelligence
  • Indicators of Compromise (IOC)
  • Device Intelligence and Behaviors
  • Darkweb Activity

Augury is the visibility into 93% of Internet traffic

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