Our story

Team Cymru (pronounced \ˈkəm-ˌrē\) was formed in 1998 to learn the "who and why" of malicious Internet activity. This focus on attribution resulted in the uncovering of the "what, when, where, and how" of online malevolence.

Incorporating in 2004 and opening our doors for business in 2005, we have over a decade of experience and expertise at providing unparalleled threat intelligence and insight for security vendors, network defenders, incident response teams, and analysts.

From the beginning, we believed in doing things differently. Team Cymru focused on obtaining unique access and partnerships that served as the foundation for our mining and refining capabilities. Due to our distinct positioning, our clients are able to perform in-depth and broad-based analysis based on our incomparable data.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our partners, and that our unique and broad data has underpinned those successes. Reach out to us today so that together we can begin to propel your mission and capability further than ever thought possible!

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