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Commercial Services

This page outlines the commercial services offered by Team Cymru. For information on our community services, please see the Community Services page on the team-cymru.org site.

Threat Intelligence

Team Cymru uses its research, analysis and expertise to extract useful insight from our exclusive, solely self-developed databases. Organizations are able to use this insight to augment a variety of detection, alerting and mitigation capabilities. Visit the Threat Intelligence page for more details on our offerings in this area.

Enterprise Intelligence Service

The Team Cymru Enterprise Intelligence Service is an on-demand intelligence capability available in multiple service levels. All services are delivered as an annually contracted service and help you to bring Team Cymru's full intelligence capabilities to bear for your organization.

Executive Briefing Service

Understanding security and technical issues can be a complex challenge. Sometimes it's beneficial to get the advice of an independent, external expert and Team Cymru's Executive Briefing Service is just that.

Insight Hawk

Insight Hawk is a web based user interface that improves your visibility of malicious activity on your own network, with a historical summary of malicious activity as well as a quantitative summary of data traffic on that network and other benefits. Monitor traffic flows and bandwidth, and see which malware families are most prevalent on your network, with the benefit of our malicious activity feeds as well as our domain name status monitoring and tracking system.

Training Practice

The Team Cymru Training Practice is dedicated to helping the Internet community better understand the nature and methods of online criminal behaviour and activity and how to combat this. For more details on the types of training we offer, check out our Training Practice.

Team Cymru Commercial Services