Flow Sonar

An Introduction to our Flow Sonar Partnerships

The Team Cymru Flow Sonar system is a powerful tool for network managers to visually identify and understand what is happening on their network at any given time.

Leveraging the free and open-source framework provided by Peter Haag of SWITCH, Team Cymru has developed a set of plugins that bring our insight directly to your network. These plugins, called dosrannu, increase your understanding of malicious activity on your network in a number of ways.

Using easy to read graphs, the Flow Sonar system can show all kinds of network-based information, down to the protocol level, in near real-time. And with help of Team Cymru's unique dosrannu feeds, network managers can be alerted to DDoS attacks, compromised machines, and the presence of connections to C&C hosts.

The Flow Sonar system automatically saves a history of the network traffic, allowing network managers to graphically view trends of their network traffic and see the impact of their policy changes over time. This historical view gives you great perspective into the effect of security response and network policy changes over time.

If the Team Cymru Flow Sonar system sounds interesting to you, email us at outreach@cymru.com for more information.


Dosrannu Table