Our Products

Unparalleled Data Access

Augury UI

The data analyst's portal, providing an intuitive query tool for direct access to nearly 40 different categories of insight including, network traffic.

Witan API

RESTful API providing the same data as Augury, returning results in json or csv output.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Reputation Feed

Need to know if an IP address is a known compromised device, an infected bot, or even the source of spam? This feed is ideal.

Controller Feed

We track thousands of controllers (C&Cs) every day. This dataset includes the IP address, domain and URL information, and the associated malware hash or hashes responsible for infection, updated hourly.

Botnet Analysis and Reporting Service (BARS)

This feed provides in-depth analysis, tracking, and history of malware families that utilize unique control protocols (and possibly encryption) mechanisms. If your organization is considering Controller and Reputation feeds, this combined tool will provide you the same information, with premium features included.

Analysis Services

Enterprise Intelligence Service

EIS allows customers to take advantage of our malware analysts and security researchers, as well as our unique view of internet activity. Our team of specialized experts adds a new, on-demand tier to your information security or incident response team, and provides crucial skills and experience to augment existing IT departments.

Executive Briefing Service

Not sure what kind of security solutions work best for your organization? Let our experts help you decide how to best secure yourself and your customers, as well as present our findings to your c-level team.