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Enterprise Intelligence Service

The Team Cymru Enterprise Intelligence Service (EIS) is our premier partnership offering. When organizations are confronted with the most insidious threats, the most baffling of incidents, or strategic cyber security questions, the EIS stands ready to assist. Bringing our full resources to bear on your urgent and difficult problems ensures an enumerative analysis and answers on which to base your next steps. The Enterprise Intelligence Service is designed to augment and enhance other existing Cyber Intelligence Services that an organization may already be using.

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Enterprise Intelligence Service
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The Team Cymru Enterprise Intelligence Service is an on-demand intelligence capability available in multiple service levels. All levels of service are delivered as annual contracts.

Team Cymru's analysis group is comprised of former military and law enforcement professionals, as well as linguists, legal expertise, and innovative technologists. The team has a combined 50 years of experience solving some of the most significant challenges on the Internet. Whether the cyber threat requires general analysis, technical or strategic advice, or attribution insight, Team Cymru is the best answer for any cyber question.

The Enterprise Intelligence Service is a premier service. Some examples of Team Cymru's historic success include the following:

  • Understanding suspicious network events or anomalies.
  • Malware analysis from a sample found on a critical server.
  • Expert PCAP analysis following a data breach.
  • Confirming a specific Internet or internal cyber threat.
  • Denial of Service attack controller attribution.
  • Attributive investigation on malware, group and individuals.
  • Security architecture advice.
  • Miscellaneous challenging problem sets, remediation and advanced analytics will be handled as part of the quarterly Executive Briefing component of this service.
  • Requests for proactive intelligence will need to include directed information, such as IP, names, etc.

The Team Cymru Enterprise Intelligence Service let's you bring Team Cymru's full intelligence capabilities to bear for your organization.

If you are interested in being contacted by the Team Cymru sales team regarding this offering, please send us an email at sales@cymru.com.

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